How Businesses Can Benefit From Instagram Stories

Two weeks ago, Instagram launched Instagram Stories, which lets users share their personal moments without saving it to their personal profile. Social media is an ever-changing landscape and businesses are constantly seeking how they can benefit from new features or apps. If you’re curious about this new feature, here are a few ways your business can make the most of Instagram Stories.

  1. Share Timely Information - Whether your company has a one-day sale or a special event, Instagram Stories are a great way to share timely content. Since Stories go away after 24 hours, it doesn’t clutter your gallery and gets the marketing... (read more)

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Pokémon Go: The Perfect Storm for Augmented Reality

Nintendo has finally made its grand entry to the mobile app gaming world by launching Pokémon Go, an augmented reality game which uses GPS and Google maps to place Pokémon in the real world. Augmented reality is far from new, however, it wasn’t until the launch of Pokémon that AR went mainstream. The household brand name of Pokémon and the fact that the public is now more aware of augmented reality created a perfect storm for its adoption.

Augmented reality - the use of technology to superimpose digital creations onto one’s physical world - used to be predominantly focused on industrial applications.

Many doubted... (read more)

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Four Easy Ways to Help Your Brand Go Viral

This may be the wake up call most companies face as they review statistics revealing impressively low click-through-rates for internet based ads. With our attention span shortening by the second and technology providing us limitless stimuli at our fingertips, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture your audience. In today’s market, it is essential to create an ad campaign that will infatuate and capture the interest of the audience.

We all know and love the viral ads that come around every year. They speak to us by highlighting an important issue, making us laugh, making us cry, or by warming our hearts with more often than... (read more)

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The Vegas NACS Show 2015 Recap

This week we were lucky enough to join our friends at Rockstar Energy to take a closer look into the convenience and fuel retailing industry at the NACS show. The NACS show covered every aspect of the convenience store business from green business practices to security. Personally, we were more interested in the convenience that the beverage and food industry brought to the tradeshow. In our fast paced world, grabbing a quick bite and an energy drink while fueling up is sometimes our only option. The NACS Show worked as a great platform for food and beverage companies to showcase their products.

The convenience industry is a 700 billion dollar industry,... (read more)

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Reviewing the New Instagram Cam

Well, the holiday season is upon us… Because apparently the holiday season is something that gets “upon” people. We don’t get that phrasing either. I mean, quite honestly, it sounds like the holiday season is a bit of a creeper in the Bill Cosby type of way.

Dang, that joke’s gonna get us in trouble.

But anyway, the holiday season has lurched upon our state of being, and thus, we must buy each other expensive presents for the sake of gratitude and good tidings and merriment.

Fortunately, Polaroid may have the answer to your gift-buying dilemma. If you’re pacing back and forth in the shopping mall right now, pulling out your hair and going,... (read more)

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Facebook Cofounder Deemed Menace to Great Liberal Tradition

People are really hatin’ on Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes right now, because he is attempting to change a liberal institution of political/artsy/elitist journalism. So what’s up? Well, he’s making significant editorial changes to The New Republic.

We here at V+CO will reserve our judgment until we see how things play out. Look, our world is changing. Media companies of all sorts must go through a constant evolution in order to keep up, and stay relevant and profitable. Without inside information, it’s difficult to predict the precise outcome of Hughes’ modifications. But here’s the... (read more)

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Steve Wozniak Destroys Entrepreneurs’ Self-Aggrandizing Dreams in One Fell Swoop

Are you a sleep-deprived, hot dog-eating, aspiring entrepreneur, slaving away in all available hours for the sake of a statistically improbable dream?

Prepare to have your aforementioned dream shattered.

Or at least, prepare to have the aesthetic styling of your hopes profoundly altered. We here at V+CO believe in small businesses, in ambition, in the capacity of Americans to have a vision, to build, to strategize, to shamble forward starry-eyed towards a distant, beaming hope, to materialize an unlikely vision into reality.

We also know that this entrepreneurial process can be brutal:... (read more)

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Steve Jobs Quotes Analyzed

Yahoo! News recently paid tribute to Steve Jobs, by compiling together a collection of his most meme-worthy quotes with some accompanying pictures.

At V+CO, we love the Steve Jobs/Apple cult of personality just as much as the next person. In fact, whenever someone says “next iPhone,” we instinctively just start shoving people down on the ground and running to the front of the nearest line, regardless of whether or not it’s actually a line to an Apple store. 

That being said, some of the most famous Steve Jobs quotes just don’t stand up to scrutiny, or even cursory analysis. Here are a few:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the... (read more)

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Apple Settles After Admitting to eBook Conspiracy

The illiterate public is outraged after learning that Apple conspired with five publishers to aggressively raise eBook prices. At a hearing in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote approved a settlement from Apple, priced at the hefty sum of $450 million. If Apple isn't able to appeal the ruling, the company will have to pay out $400 million to consumers and $50 million to lawyers for its central role in the violation of antitrust laws.

In its attempt to thwart its rival, and engage in eBook price-fixing, Apple worked with multiple publishers: Hachette Book Group Inc, HarperCollins Publishers LLC,... (read more)

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Uber Apologizes for Making Jokes and Allowing You to Not Have to Own a Car

An executive at Uber is regretting his words after inadvertently coming across as a James Bond-esque villain.

Senior Vice President Emil Michael allegedly suggested that Uber should dig up dirt on journalists who have been critical of the company, in order to discredit them. While in conversation at a dinner of elites in Manhattan’s Waverly Inn, the Senior Vice President insincerely proposed spending a million dollars to hire a team of opposition researchers that would look into the personal lives of outspoken Uber critics.

Through a company spokesperson, Emil Michael later apologized, saying, “The... (read more)

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