This may be the wake up call most companies face as they review statistics revealing impressively low click-through-rates for internet based ads. With our attention span shortening by the second and technology providing us limitless stimuli at our fingertips, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture your audience. In today’s market, it is essential to create an ad campaign that will infatuate and capture the interest of the audience.

We all know and love the viral ads that come around every year. They speak to us by highlighting an important issue, making us laugh, making us cry, or by warming our hearts with more often than not...puppies. What makes a campaign successful is not necessary the amount of money spent but the way it is experienced by your audience. Here are some fundamental points to keep in mind:

Decide who your demographic is and what your company stands for

Partnering with a cause or backing an idea can give your company a voice that might otherwise go unseen. Integrate this into your advertising and marketing campaigns. This will attract the type of consumer who wants to stick by you.

Make your brand relevant by connecting it to a current social, political or economical issue

If the consumer can connect with what you're saying, they'll listen. Case in point: Durex had a viral campaign aptly named "Turn off to turn on" that encouraged couples to put down their phones and reignite their love life. Technology addiction and the impact it has on relationships is a hot button issue that people are talking about. Give people interesting content, and they'll start the conversation for you. Make this connection for your brand.

Have your brand promoted by someone with authority or social status

You may not be able to get your hands on a celebrity ambassador but bloggers can make a huge impact. No matter what your product or service is, there is bound to be a specialist who takes to the internet to cover it. This can work as promotional material.

Engage with your consumers

Contests and give-aways, social media connections, events, incentives, games are only a few ways you can make your consumer identify with your brand and feel like part of team.

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