Developers Overwhelmed by New Programming Languages

Tech Crunch is reporting that many developers these days are intimidated by the sheer number of programming languages. They’re dubbing the psychological phenomenon “Developaralysis.” Although many developers have mastered old, trusty languages such as Java, Ruby, MySQL, and C++, and are able to perform proficiently and artfully in all of them, they feel overwhelmed by the new onslaught of languages such as Erlang, Clojure, Rust, Scala, Julia, Scheme, Swift, and OCaml. And to be frank, I’m pretty sure some of those are sexually transmitted diseases. All I know is that a woman named Julia may have... (read more)

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Okay, Google… You’re Scaring Us a Little

Okay, Google,

This is the body politic… or rather, an individual purporting to represent the body politic. We just wanted to write you a letter in order to vent some repressed feelings. Open and honest communication is important in our relationship with you, because you know everything about us. 

Literally, everything… our communications, curiosities, hopes, fears, dreams, and other such concepts that are commonly clustered together. And I can’t speak for anyone else (even though that is precisely what I’m doing), but I think we need to have this talk.

We need to figure out our respective life directions, Google, and we... (read more)

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Turing Award Money Increased

The prestigious A.M. Turing Award is given out annually to recognize “contributions of a technical nature made to the computing community.” The award is of course named after Alan Turing, whose life’s work paved the way for computer science, artificial intelligence, and a potentially Oscar-nominated performance by Benedict Cumberbatch in the movie “The Imitation Game.”  The first recipient of the award was Alan Perlis, in 1966, for his pioneering work in the development of the ALGOL programming language. (This is not to be confused with the ALGORE internet.)

It was recently announced that the monetary component of the award has gone up to an... (read more)


U.S. Weather Agency Hacked by Confused Hackers

A spokesman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that incidence response began immediately, after the agency became aware of several cyber-attacks upon its websites.

The U.S. government agency is responsible for the National Weather Service. The agency spokesmen declined to specify which websites were compromised, and did not provide details on the nature of the attacks. Weather forecasts to the public have not been interrupted or adversely affected.

We here at V+CO firmly believe in the importance of internet security. We strive to establish websites and digital presences that are not only... (read more)

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Retailers Rebel Against Apple Pay

Before people can even ask themselves “what the hell is Apple Pay,” many merchants are asking each other, “How can we stop it?”

And here at V+CO, we’re contorting ourselves into torturous yogi positions while asking ourselves much bigger questions about the ever-evolving nature of this consumerist world.

Numerous merchants have vocalized their resistance to Apple’s new mobile payments system. In fact, retailers such as Walmart, Kmart, 7-Eleven, and Best Buy have formed a joint venture in order to develop their own mobile payment app. Pharmaceutical chains CVS and Rite Aid have both elected to shut out Apple Pay in their stores. News... (read more)

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V+CO Establishes Tech News Division

Welcome to Thunderdome.

What is Thunderdome? We here at V+CO have no idea, but we’ve heard this quote before and so we’re repeating it in the kneejerk reaction, trying-to-be-cool-because-we’re-crying-inside pop cultural way.

Truth be told, we just wanted to let you know that V+CO is establishing its very own news division. We’re a digital agency on the verge of objective greatness. We provide strategic interactive marketing counsel to multinational brands, and our expertise encompasses social media marketing, digital PR, content management, online commerce, and groundbreaking technology. We want to give your brand a heightened... (read more)

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