Well, the holiday season is upon us… Because apparently the holiday season is something that gets “upon” people. We don’t get that phrasing either. I mean, quite honestly, it sounds like the holiday season is a bit of a creeper in the Bill Cosby type of way.

Dang, that joke’s gonna get us in trouble.

But anyway, the holiday season has lurched upon our state of being, and thus, we must buy each other expensive presents for the sake of gratitude and good tidings and merriment.

Fortunately, Polaroid may have the answer to your gift-buying dilemma. If you’re pacing back and forth in the shopping mall right now, pulling out your hair and going, “Grrr, I can’t think of what to get so-and-so!” Then… three things:

Firstly, don’t pull out your hair; you’re suffering from trichotillomania and you need to get help. (Find out more over at Mayo Clinic)

Secondly, think long and hard and ask yourself why you have a friend named So-and-So. That’s a horrible name and that person probably isn’t worth your irrational mental exertion.

And thirdly, just buy the interesting product we’re about to tell you about and then go home and try to live your life like a normal human being and stop being such a freak.

So yeah, Polaroid has invented something called “the Polaroid Socialmatic.”

The very idea of an old-fashioned Polaroid gives us warm, fuzzy, nostalgia-type feelings over here at V+CO, so it makes perfect sense that Polaroid has made a camera configured to work with throwback-obsessed Instagram.

The Polaroid Socialmatic has a 14-megapixel camera in the front, and an additional cam lens on the back designed specifically for your obsessive, unremitting selfie-taking, you repugnant narcissist, you.

Using WiFi, you can upload your photos directly to the web via all of your favorite social media apps. But guess what else? This nifty invention still produces old school, physical photos as well, and the photos are engineered to be both water-resistant and smudge-proof.

We haven’t actually tried out this $299.99 little marvel yet, but it’s available for pre-order right now and it’s looking pretty promising. But wait, Amazon claims it isn’t available until January 1, 2015, post-Christmas? Okay, never mind, screw that.

Happy holidays or whatever,

The V+CO Team

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