Are you a sleep-deprived, hot dog-eating, aspiring entrepreneur, slaving away in all available hours for the sake of a statistically improbable dream?

Prepare to have your aforementioned dream shattered.

Or at least, prepare to have the aesthetic styling of your hopes profoundly altered. We here at V+CO believe in small businesses, in ambition, in the capacity of Americans to have a vision, to build, to strategize, to shamble forward starry-eyed towards a distant, beaming hope, to materialize an unlikely vision into reality.

We also know that this entrepreneurial process can be brutal: just completely and utterly and mercilessly brutal. Sometimes, little victories along the pathway to greatness are few and far between. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower and persistence to strive forward and elevate a venture out of the red and into profitability.

And so how do you believe in yourself when your circumstances are far from glamorous? When the bills are piling up, and your bank account is taking the hits, how do you stir up your rebel spirit and soldier on into the unknown?

Well, simple. You tell yourself stories…

Stories that are now so ingrained in popular culture we take them for granted; stories that are relatively contemporary and yet seemingly etched into the timeless fabric of myth.

One such story is that of Apple, and a sweaty little garage, somewhere in Los Altos, California. We all know the mythos here:

This multinational, widely admired megacorporation emerged from some rinky-dink garage, in which modestly dressed, quasi-hippie nerds liked to tinker around with circuitry for the sake of innovation. One of the nerds was Wozniak. The other was Ashton Kutcher. I mean, Steve Jobs. And they eventually turned their adorable little enterprise into a corporation with its own sense of culture, of ingenuity; and one with $182 billion annual revenue in 2014, no less.

If something that epic can emerge from a freakin’ GARAGE, well then, it doesn’t matter if you’re accruing credit card debt, working through endless nights and eating hot dogs, now does it? Because the story gives you hope.

Well, screw you and your hope.

In a recent interview, Steve Wozniak finally tells the people that the garage legend isn’t entirely accurate:

“The garage is a bit of a myth. It’s overblown. The garage represents us better than anything else, but we did no designs there. We would drive the finished products to the garage, make them work, and then we’d drive them down to the store that paid us cash.”

He continued: “There were hardly ever more than two people in the garage and mostly they were sitting around kind of doing nothing productive.”

Put simply, Wozniak is a genius, a pioneer, an educator, and an inspiration… But we want our garage story back.

Yes, technically speaking, we here at V+CO actually have some pretty nice, conventional offices in Hollywood, but… still. Just tell us the garage story, dude. Tell it to us again. Please? We like story-time so much! Tell us the garage story as we close our little entrepreneurial eyes and softly drift to sleep.

Check out Wozniak’s other insights over at Bloomberg.

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