Apple Settles After Admitting to eBook Conspiracy

The illiterate public is outraged after learning that Apple conspired with five publishers to aggressively raise eBook prices. At a hearing in Manhattan, U.S. District Judge Denise Cote approved a settlement from Apple, priced at the hefty sum of $450 million. If Apple isn't able to appeal the ruling, the company will have to pay out $400 million to consumers and $50 million to lawyers for its central role in the violation of antitrust laws.

In its attempt to thwart its rival, and engage in eBook price-fixing, Apple worked with multiple publishers: Hachette Book Group Inc, HarperCollins Publishers LLC,... (read more)

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Uber Apologizes for Making Jokes and Allowing You to Not Have to Own a Car

An executive at Uber is regretting his words after inadvertently coming across as a James Bond-esque villain.

Senior Vice President Emil Michael allegedly suggested that Uber should dig up dirt on journalists who have been critical of the company, in order to discredit them. While in conversation at a dinner of elites in Manhattan’s Waverly Inn, the Senior Vice President insincerely proposed spending a million dollars to hire a team of opposition researchers that would look into the personal lives of outspoken Uber critics.

Through a company spokesperson, Emil Michael later apologized, saying, “The... (read more)

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