Welcome to Thunderdome.

What is Thunderdome? We here at V+CO have no idea, but we’ve heard this quote before and so we’re repeating it in the kneejerk reaction, trying-to-be-cool-because-we’re-crying-inside pop cultural way.

Truth be told, we just wanted to let you know that V+CO is establishing its very own news division. We’re a digital agency on the verge of objective greatness. We provide strategic interactive marketing counsel to multinational brands, and our expertise encompasses social media marketing, digital PR, content management, online commerce, and groundbreaking technology. We want to give your brand a heightened presence in this crazy new world of overhyped binary and artificially constrained messaging. We intend to serve you in as many non-sexual ways as possible. And via this blog, we will be imparting to you the most salient information pertaining to tech trends and industry developments.

We also want to build a Thunderdome, even though we have no idea what a Thunderdome is. Because if we had a Thunderdome, we would be able to genuinely welcome you to our Thunderdome.

Wikipedia informs us that the concept has something to do with the Australian Mad Max movie franchise. But we’re very literal over here, so we’re just going to take over a black box theater in a hipster neighborhood, and we’ll be playing the thunder/lightning track from our white noise machine.

Why do we own a white noise machine?

Because it’s difficult for us to put our minds to sleep when we’re this good at what we do. We just have too many brilliant ideas. David Letterman once said, “There is no off position on the genius switch.”

And when we asked him if he thought that humility was a virtue, he replied, “Get out of my house.”

Sincerely,Your friends at V+CO

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