This week we were lucky enough to join our friends at Rockstar Energy to take a closer look into the convenience and fuel retailing industry at the NACS show. The NACS show covered every aspect of the convenience store business from green business practices to security. Personally, we were more interested in the convenience that the beverage and food industry brought to the tradeshow. In our fast paced world, grabbing a quick bite and an energy drink while fueling up is sometimes our only option. The NACS Show worked as a great platform for food and beverage companies to showcase their products.

The convenience industry is a 700 billion dollar industry, leaving plenty of room for great new products on the shelf. As NACS put it, "Convenience stores have evolved from gas stations that happen to sell food to food retailers that happen to sell gas." The tradeshow is an exciting and fast paced event that connects store operators to businesses and products. With more than 24,000 attendees at the NACS show, it works as a great promotional tool to get your brand noticed. There was a lot of good energy buzzing around the convention with tons of excited entrepreneurs and established companies alike.

Conventions like these are great for your business as these face-to-face meetings with prospective buyers can be impressionable in ways that other outreach attempts cannot. Tradeshows make your brand seen and heard by the people that really matter. We would highly suggest adding tradeshow stops to any marketing plan to make a huge impact in your business.

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